Webinar Date | Time Reference Price  
CPD: Customer demands and needs, requirements and complaints 8 July 2020 20/CPD/07/02 €35 Book Now
CPD: Leadership styles 9 July 2020 20/CPD/07/07 €35 Book Now
CPD: Business continuity management 15 July 2020 20/CPD/07/03 €35 Book Now
CPD: Customer Experience Strategy 16 July 2020 20/CPD/07/08 €30 Book Now
CPD: Managing your AML risk: risk modelling and business risk assessment 22 July 2020 20/CPD/07/04 €35 Book Now
CPD: Search Engine Marketing – SEO & Paid Search Advertising 23 July 2020 DEV/SEM/001 €35 Book Now
CPD: Professional organisational requirements 29 July 2020 20/CPD/07/05 €35 Book Now
CPD: The role of the MLRO 5 August 2020 20/CPD/08/01 €35 Book Now
CPD: Drafting and delivering compliance reports - a guide for concise and effective compliance report writing, handling on-site regulatory visits 10 August 2020 20/CPD/08/02 €35 Book Now
CPD: Handling on-site regulatory visits 21 August 2020 20/CPD/08/03 €35 Book Now
CPD: Compliance duties under the IDD 26 August 2020 20/CPD/08/04 €35 Book Now
CPD: Providing compliance advice to senior management and to the board of directors - handling challenges and providing effective regulatory support 2 September 2020 20/CPD/09/01 €35 Book Now
CPD: Effective communication of compliance risks and drafting of compliance risk assessments 16 September 2020 20/CPD/09/03 €35 Book Now
CPD: Setting up, updating and reviewing compliance manuals 30 September 2020 20/CPD/09/05 €35 Book Now
CPD: The Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services – setup, processes and outcomes To be confirmed 20/CPD/06/02 €35 Coming soon - Register your interest
CPD: The learning organisation To be confirmed 20/CPD/06/05 €35 Coming soon - Register your interest