CPD: Learning from case studies - Claims

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General information

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17:00–19:00 CET

Webinar description

During this online session, we will select a number of court decisions that have dealt with various insurance claims to see how the have either confirmed the way that insurers handled the claim or have otherwise judged them to have been been handled incorrectly. We will analyse the claims to understand what went right or wrong and explore areas that might be improved in the process.

Given that the bulk of claims handled by the Courts concern motor policies, this session will predominantly focus on such claims though other forms of policy will also be included.

The course will focus on claims made by clients against their insurers or vice versa rather than tort claims.

Learning objectives

The key learning objective is to understand how the handling of a claim in pre-litigation phase may affect the way a court eventually determines a case that is presented before it.

Webinar topics

  • Claim handling in pre-litigation: what needs to be done? What evidence needs to be preserved or collected?
  • How do the Courts evaluate the way insurers have handled a claim?
  • What do judgements say about the validity of claims?

Target audience

The course is aimed at insurers who deals with claims handling on a regular basis and are interested to learn how to adopt best practices and how to make claims more successful in litigation.

Trainer(s) name(s)

Dr Michael Zammit Maempel

Trainer(s) bio and experience

Dr Michael Zammit Maempel is a law graduate of the University of Malta (2001), and subsequently read for his Masters (LL.M.) in Computers & Communications Law at Queen Mary University of London (2016). After having worked for several years with GVTH Advocates (today GVZH Advocates), one of Malta’s top tier law firms, where he set up the firm’s practice in technology law and data protection, he moved on to set up his own niche consultancy ‘Maempels’ in 2016 in order to practice in those areas of law over which he has always been passionate and his practice now focuses exclusively on media and technology law, intellectual property and data protection. Over the years he has advised some of Malta’s foremost businesses, including telecom operators, airport terminal operators, casino operators, credit agencies and operators in the hospitality industry on data privacy issues in the context of other, usually more complex, corporate issues. He is also the co-author of all three editions of “Data Protection: Jurisdictional Comparisons” published by Thomson Reuters in 2012, 2014 and 2016 respectively as part of their International Series.

Michael is currently the project manager for a number of technology related research projects funded and monitored by the EU Commission, in which he heads teams of researchers in their work.

As of January 2018, Michael is also a certified Data Protection Officer by the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) in Maastricht, The Netherlands which offers the only EU officially-recognised certification within the EU’s official institutions and bodies. He also serves as Data Protection Officer to a number of local businesses in Malta.

He has lectured at the MITC since 2019 after having been legal counsel to one of Malta’s largest insurers for 16 years.