CPD: Leading towards lean (an overview)

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General information

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17:00–19:00 CET

CPD: Leading towards lean (an overview)

Webinar description

During this concise yet intensive session, we shall be addressing the philosophy of operational excellence through a lean management perspective. We shall discover how evolution has been instrumental in developing the concept of ‘process’, yet at the same time has also generated several other issues along the way, at times compromising our value offering.

Whilst normally associated with the manufacturing sector, these principles are in fact transportable to any other business sector…and personal lifestyle!

The recent experience we have gone through has exposed several who were not ready to take on the unprecedented challenge. Had they been practicing basic lean best practices, the struggle might have been somewhat less damaging.

This eye-opener discussion takes us through the route to becoming Lean Converts.

Learning objectives

At the end of this webinar participants should be able to:

Grab a sound understanding of where we have gone in the pursuit to ‘industrialising’ life, and explore the criticality to focus on what generates value

Understand the key principles of lean management thinking.

Webinar topics

  • The evolution
  • Specialisation – recipe for ineffective operations?
  • Concept of value
  • Non-value adding tasks
  • Lean thinking

Target audience

  • Business owners
  • C-Level suite
  • General managers
  • Operations managers
  • Executives

Trainer name

Ing. Joseph Micallef

Trainer bio and experience

Joseph is an engineer by profession, with a particular affinity for guiding organisations along the road leading to operational effectiveness, value-adding activities, and customer-centric, high-quality performance through business excellence processes.

His career, originated in manufacturing where he occupied various senior management roles in research and development, quality management and health and safety, later evolving through his consulting and advisory portfolio, primarily focusing on strategic and operational reorganisation, transformation and project execution, coupled with high level strategic decision-making processes.

Over a span of almost 30 years, he has successfully lead and advised clients within a wide range of sectors such as: government and government entities, various manufacturing segments, industrial/engineering and logistics/supply-chain operations, marine, aviation and project-based organisations, F&B and hospitality, real estate, education and NGO’s, utilities, healthcare, IT and financial services.

Joseph, who is also a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and an IoT Leader, has a strong background in providing coaching and mentoring services, designed to facilitate the establishment of effective, value-adding and quality-driven business processes within organisations.

A regular speaker and facilitator at a number of training seminars, workshops and conferences, he has trained several hundreds of middle-management level and top executive management delegates in Malta, UK, Italy, Egypt, the UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.