CPD: Leadership styles

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General information

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16:00–18:00 CET

Webinar description

Leadership is a crucial component within the management profession and has a direct impact on an organization’s performance, employer branding, employee engagement and ultimately on client satisfaction. The style adopted by the various individuals occupying managerial roles within organizations also plays an important role as it has a direct impact on team members and fellow colleagues alike. It is important to recognize one’s leadership style, be aware of the different styles present within organizations and gain awareness on how to shift such styles according to various organizational factors

Webinar topics

  • Defining leadership
  • Management or leadership
  • Styles of leadership
  • What's your current leadership style?
  • Pillars of Leadership
  • What in your opinion makes good leaders?
  • Importance of leadership for organizations

Learning objectives

At the end of this seminar participants should be able to:

  1. Provide a minimum of one definition related to leadership.
  2. List a minimum of two key differences between leadership and management.
  3. List and explain three styles of leadership.
  4. Identify and self-reflect on the key personal leadership style.
  5. Define Hersey/Blanchard’s situational leadership.
  6. List a minimum of six traits that good leaders possess.
  7. Outline five key benefits for organizations as a result from good leadership.

Target audience

  • CEOs / CPOs
  • Human resource management professionals
  • People in managerial roles
  • Individuals studying human resources or related areas.

Trainer name

Adrian Mamo

Trainer bio and experience

Adrian Mamo leads the Human Capital service line at Deloitte Consulting. He brings with him over 18 years of experience in management, human resources, learning and development, and industrial relations. He has served in various roles, both within the public and private sectors. He has occupied the position of CEO at one of the leading vocational education institutes in Malta and has also worked as a lecturer at one of the leading university centres in Luzern, Switzerland. Before joining Deloitte Malta, Adrian held the positions of Learning & Development Manager and eventually the role of Cluster Director of HR with an international hotel chain represented locally by two hotels.

Certification type:

Certificate of attendance