CPD: Customer demands and needs, requirements and complaints

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General information

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17:00–19:00 CET

Webinar Description

Inevitably, complaints and disputes occur under any contract not least under a financial services business agreement. Needless to say, regulation is intended to reduce the possibility of a disagreement and attempts, as much as possible, to make the duties, rights and obligations of the contracting parties as clear as possible. When a dispute arises, a mechanism needs to be in place and for this reason the conduct of business rulebook provides the relevant details which the presenter will summarise and explain to the audience. Moreover the session will delve into the assessment requirements of a customer prior to the conclusion of a sale as well as the importance of due documentation and reporting.

Webinar topics

The following topics will be covered during this event:

  • Requirements of Chapter 4 Section 6 of the Conduct of Business Rulebook on complaints handling by Regulated Persons
  • Reporting obligations to the MFSA
  • Demands and needs test
  • Assessment of suitability and appropriateness
  • Customer reporting and record keeping obligations associated with these assessment

Learning objectives

The session will outline the main requirements surrounding the demand and needs of customers and the related assessments, as well as requirements on the handling and management of complaints, as outlined in the conduct of business regulatory framework.

Target audience

Distributors of insurance products including intermediaries and insurance entities’ sales force, individuals involved in insurance entities’ compliance, risk, commercial and product management functions.

Trainer name

Ms Josianne Briffa

Trainer bio and experience

Josianne Briffa has over 15 years of experience in financial services, specialising primarily in the area of financial regulation. She started her career within the Financial Services Advisory Team of a leading audit firm, after which she joined an international group where she led the Compliance and Internals Controls unit for the group’s insurance entities in Malta. In 2013 Josianne joined MAPFRE Malta and she holds the role of Group Chief Compliance Officer.

Josianne is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Master of Arts in Financial Services with distinction from the University of Malta. She was the first Chairperson of the Regulatory Affairs Sector of the Malta Insurance Association and is a member of the Malta Association of Compliance Officers.