Gabriella Borda, M.Sc.(Berlin) Green Energy Climate Finance.,B.Com (Hons).,GEFS

A B.Com.(Hons)(Melit.) graduate from the University of Malta, with Banking and Finance as area of specialisation, Gabriella continued her studies in Green Energy and Climate Finance with the Berlin School of Economics and Law.  She holds a diploma in Green Energy Finance from RENAC, an expert institution in renewable energy and energy efficiency worldwide.  Gabriella is also proficient in GHG Emissions accounting and completed a specialisation course in ESG with the Corporate Finance Institute.  She is a member of the Renewable Energy Institute since she completed an Expert Consultant Programme, focusing on green energy topics including green hydrogen, energy efficient buildings and electric vehicles.  Gabriella is actively promoting sustainability practices across different sectors on both national and international levels by supporting businesses and organisations in their sustainability journey, providing in-depth insights and adding value to her partners.  She is the founder of ClimateDelta, a start-up company specialising in Greentech and she is a partner at Avvena, a company founded in France back in 2017, specialising in decarbonisation services across various industry sectors.  Gabriella is a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta where she is currently delivering courses on ESG.

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