Course NameStart DateTimePrice
Award in Anti Money Laundering Regulation
MQF/EQF Level 4
2nd September 202417.00 - 19:00€750More Information
Award In General Insurance (WO1)
Non-Accredited Course
2nd September 202417.30 - 19:00€525More Information
Award in Insurance Regulation and Supervision
MQF/EQF Level 4
3rd September 202417.00 - 19.00€650More Information
Insurance Business and Finance: M92 (DIPCII)
MQF/EQF Not Applicable
3rd September 202417.30 - 19.00€650More Information
Award in Insurance for TIIs and AIIs
MQF/EQF Level 3
3rd September 202417.00 - 19.00€550More Information
Certificate in Insurance (Cert CII): IF2
MQF/EQF Not Applicable
4th September 202417:30 - 19:30€525More Information
Award in Personal Lines Insurance
MQF/EQF Level 4
16th September 202417.30 - 19.30€750More Information
Certificate in Insurance (Cert CII): IF3
Non-Accredited Course
26th September 202417:30 - 19:30€525More Information
Award in Liability Insurance
MQF/EQF Level 4
22nd October 202417.30-19.30€750More Information


CPD NameStart DateTimePrice
The Impact of Climate Change on Technical Actuarial Work
19th June 202417:00-19:00€40More Information
Underwriting Motor Trade Insurance
26th June 202412:00 - 14:00€40More Information
Directors’ obligations under the AML/CFT regime
10th July 202412:00 - 14:00€40More Information
Planning for Crisis Communication: A Practical Approach
Introductory / Mid-Level
4th September 202417:00-19:00€40More Information
Fiduciary Funds in Insurance: Intermediaries’ Core Responsibilities
11th September 202412:00 - 14:00€40More Information
Setting Up and Managing an Internal Audit Function
18th September 202417:00 - 19:00€40More Information
AML Obligations in the Accounting and Auditing Sectors
25th September 202417:00 - 19:00€40More Information
ORSA and Comprehensive Risk Governance Reporting
Mid-Level / Advanced
2nd October 202417:00-19:00€40More Information
Insurance in the Age of Shared Mobility: Challenges and Solutions
9th October 202412:00 - 14:00€40More Information
Intermediary Duties and Requirements under the IDD
Mid-Level / Advanced
23rd October 202417:00-19:00€40More Information
Financial Planning – What is the right process?
30th October 202417:00 - 19:00€40More Information
The Company Secretary’s Role and Accountabilities
6th November 202417:00-19:00€40More Information
Documenting the Industry: Regulatory Reporting for Insurance and Reinsurance
13th November 202412:00 - 14:00€40More Information
Informing Senior Management about Compliance Status
20th November 202417:00 -19:00€40More Information
Implementing Business Conduct Rules for Insurance Intermediaries
27th November 202417:00 - 19:00€40More Information
Uninsured Vehicle Accidents: Safeguarding the victims
11th December 202412:00 - 14:00€40More Information


Workshop NameStart DateTimePrice
Motor Insurance Advanced Proficiency
Mid-Level / Advanced | Afternoon
18th September 202414:00 - 17:00€95More Information

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