Fundamental Principles of ESG

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Deepen your knowledge in Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) factors and sustainable business practices.



This course will deepen your knowledge on ESG topics, as it offers an overview of the ESG factors and metrics that one needs to understand to integrate ESG into business strategies.  During the course, the concept of double materiality will be explained, using practical examples to illustrate which ESG issues are most important to the long-term success of the business and most important to stakeholders.  To fully understand the ESG dynamics, we need to reconnect the systems, hence, the concept of systems thinking will be covered to better understand that even accurate numbers will not lead us to better outcomes, unless we fully understand the context behind the data.  To conclude, we will go through an overview of how to evaluate ESG, focusing on disclosure quality.


Course Topics

  • What is ESG?
  • The Evolution of ESG
  • Introduction to Environmental, Social and Governance Factors
  • The Impact of ESG Factors
  • Understanding ESG through Systems Thinking
  • The Double Materiality Assessment and ESG Strategies
  • Evaluating ESG Disclosures


Learning Objectives

  • Describe key ESG issues
  • Analyse ESG through the systems thinking approach
  • Understanding the double materiality concept in ESG
  • Evaluating ESG disclosures


Target Audience

Leaders, managers, decision makers and anyone contributing towards the economic system.


Assessment Questions and Answers

In line with MFSA requirements, a short multiple-choice assessment will be provided by the trainer towards the end of the session. A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to all students who attend the CPD (duration will be included on certificate). A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to those who sit for the assessment and are successful (pass mark 60%).


I have attended this particular CPD as it coincided exactly with something we are working on at my workplace. The content has been well presented, informative and relevant.


I recommend the Fundamentals of ESG course provided by MITC as it is well-delivered and focused. It provides you with the basic principles needed to navigate through ESG and its relevance to the business world.

M. Tabone


Gabriella Borda, M.Sc.(Berlin) Green Energy Climate Finance.,B.Com (Hons).,GEFS

Gabriella Borda

A B.Com.(Hons)(Melit.) graduate from the University of Malta, with Banking and Finance as area of specialisation, Gabriella continued her studies in Green Energy and Climate Finance with the Berlin School of Economics and Law.  She holds a diploma in Green Energy Finance from RENAC, an expert institution in renewable energy and energy efficiency worldwide.  Gabriella is also proficient in GHG Emissions accounting and completed a specialisation course in ESG with the Corporate Finance Institute.  She is a member of the Renewable Energy Institute since she completed an Expert Consultant Programme, focusing on green energy topics including green hydrogen, energy efficient buildings and electric vehicles.  Gabriella is actively promoting sustainability practices across different sectors on both national and international levels by supporting businesses and organisations in their sustainability journey, providing in-depth insights and adding value to her partners.  She is the founder of ClimateDelta, a start-up company specialising in Greentech and she is a partner at Avvena, a company founded in France back in 2017, specialising in decarbonisation services across various industry sectors.  Gabriella is a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta where she is currently delivering courses on ESG.

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