Cultivating a Culture of Risk Management in the Workplace

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Delving into the crucial topic of building a resilient risk culture in organisations.
In today’s dynamic business landscape, understanding and navigating risks effectively is paramount to sustained success.



This CPD will highlight the critical significance of fostering a resilient risk culture, where the participant will gain valuable insights into the identification and management of organisational risks.

This learning experience will provide the trainee with best practices for instilling a culture of heightened risk awareness and accountability within an organisation.


Learning Objectives

The CPD is a unique opportunity to enhance one’s knowledge, connect with like minded professionals and empower an organisation to thrive in the face of uncertainties.


Target Audience

Professionals and leaders across various industries, particularly those involved in risk management, strategic planning, and organisational leadership. This may encompass executives, managers, risk analysts, and professionals responsible for shaping and implementing risk management strategies. Additionally, individuals keen on enhancing their knowledge and skills in navigating risks for sustained organisational success would find relevance in this topic.


Assessment Questions and Answers

In line with MFSA requirements, a short multiple-choice assessment will be provided by the trainer towards the end of the session. A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to all students who attend the CPD (duration will be included on certificate). A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to those who sit for the assessment and are successful (pass mark 60%).


Silvio Chetcuti, MBA (Finance), ICA

Silvio graduated in Business Management from the University of Malta in November 2003. He continued to further his studies and by January 2007, had successfully completed his Masters degree specialising in Finance from the University of Leicester. In November 2021 he obtained the flagship qualification and the industry standard for MLROs and professionals managing money laundering risk – the ICA International Diploma in Anti Money Laundering.

He joined Bank of Valletta in June 1989 and now has over 33 years of diversified experience within the Financial Services industry. His career path has led him to form part of several teams across different units within the Bank. Various roles within both the Branch network and Wealth Management have served to enrich his knowledge and expertise when dealing with portfolios of investment and credit clients. For the last 4 years he occupied the role of a Deputy MLRO at Bank of Valletta, Head of Investigations and Lead for the AFC Advisory, Policy & Training. Currently he is the AFC Specialist for the BOV Business Banking area.

Silvio offered a vast array of lecturers at the St. Martins Institute for Higher Education for students reading for the BSc, Banking and Finance by The London School of Economics and Political Science. Silvio also offered lectures at the Malta International Training Centre and at the University of Malta.

Currently forms part of the ACAMS Malta Chapter board.


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