CPD Date | Time Reference Price  
The obligations of a Company Secretary 27 April 2021 21/CPD/04/04 €40 Book now
GDPR in practice 28 April 2021 21/CPD/04/02 €35 Book now
IFRS 17 – What changes? 29 April 2021 21/CPD/04/07 €40 Book now
Obligations of intermediaries under the IDD 4 May 2021 21/CPD/05/01 €40 Book now
AML and Blockchain - new concept, better monitoring 6 May 2021 21/CPD/05/03 €40 Book now
How to create, upkeep and update your risk register - a guide for regulated companies 11 May 2021 21/CPD/04/06 €40 Book now
Update GDPR on Schrems II 12 May 2021 21/CPD/05/02 €40 Book now
Dealing with PEPs 13 May 2021 21/CPD/05/06 €40 Book now
Suitability and appropriateness assessments - the challenges and solutions 19 May 2021 21/CPD/04/05 €40 Book now
Enterprise risk management and reporting 20 May 2021 21/CPD/05/08 €40 Book now
Building and maintaining an AML manual and client acceptance policy 27 May 2021 21/CPD/05/11 €40 Book now
Managing your AML risk: risk modelling and business risk assessment To be confirmed 20/CPD/07/04 €40 Coming soon - Register your interest
Handling on-site regulatory visits To be confirmed 20/CPD/08/03 €40 Coming soon - Register your interest
Compliance duties under the IDD To be confirmed 20/CPD/08/04 €40 Coming soon - Register your interest
Providing compliance advice to senior management and the board To be confirmed 20/CPD/09/01 €40 Coming soon - Register your interest
Setting up, updating and reviewing Compliance Manuals To be confirmed 20/CPD/09/05 €40 Coming soon - Register your interest