Providing compliance advice to senior management and the board

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General information

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17:00–19:00 CET

Short description

This webinar will equip the attendees with the knowledge and competence necessary to be able to make compliance presentations to the Board of Directors of an organisation. In this respect the presenter will ensure that the audience understands the importance of concise reports and also the need to cover all aspects requiring compliance reporting.

Learning objectives

At the end of this seminar, participants should be able to:

  • understand the interplay between compliance and good corporate governance;
  • understand the role of the compliance officer vis-à-vis other key roles within an organisation;
  • be more familiar with risk assessments undertaken within organisations;
  • conduct monitoring and prepare compliance manuals, compliance reports, and other reporting processes.

Webinar topics

  • Understanding the importance of good corporate governance
  • The role of directors, executive and non-executive
  • The role of the Compliance Officer vis-à-vis other stakeholders

Target audience

  • Compliance Officers
  • Members of Board of Directors
  • Risk Officers
  • Other (Proposed) Key Functionaries within licensed entities
  • Members of competent / supervisory authorities

Trainer name

Dr Rakele Cini

Trainer bio and experience

Dr Rakele Cini is an independent legal consultant with many years of experience in AML/CFT, regulatory and compliance advisory. She primarily advises local & international firms / practitioners operating within the regulated industries on matters relating to the prevention of money laundering & funding of terrorism, due diligence, risk management, good governance, and other compliance areas. She is invited to lecture regularly by private institutions and regulatory bodies on these topics. She was previously head of Risk & Compliance at BDO Malta and, prior to that, formed part of the practice protection group at Deloitte Malta for numerous years. www.linkedin.com/in/rakele-cini-939611b