Certificate in Loss Adjusting (Cert CILA)

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The Cert CILA is instructor led and gives a broad understanding of the general practices and principles of claim handling and claim settlement.

Learning Outcomes

CH1 – Introduction to the insurance industry

Studying for the certificate CH1 paper will give you an understanding of risk and risk transfer, the different people and organisations that operate within the insurance industry and how contract law applies to insurance policies. You will also gain an insight into how a legal liability might arise and obtain an introduction to the principles of insurable interest, indemnity, proximate cause, contribution and subrogation. You will also learn about the regulation of the insurance market and important statutes.

CH2 – Claims handling

Studying for the certificate CH2 paper will give you knowledge of the various elements of an insurance policy including the implications of policy conditions and warranties. You will learn definitions of the insurance perils with supporting case law. You will also gain an insight into claims validation and the mitigation of losses and learn about terms such as reasonable care and gradually operating cause. You will get an introduction to the Fraud Act 2006 and learn how to deal with aspects of policy application.

CH3 – Advanced claims handling (Handling claims for specific losses)

Studying for the certificate CH3 paper will give you an introduction to more specialist areas such as business interruption claims and factors to consider when handling alternative accommodation claims. You will learn about basic building elements, common buildings damage and the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations. You will also get advice on claims handling in a catastrophe or surge situation and obtain a basic understanding of how to reserve a personal injury claim, along with an overview of the Civil Procedure Rules.

Course Outline

CH1 – Introduction to the insurance industry

  1. Risk and risk transfer
  2. The parties
  3. Contract law
  4. Legal liability
  5. Insurable interest
  6. The duty of fair presentation
  7. Indemnity
  8. The principles of insurance – proximate cause
  9. The principles of insurance – contribution
  10. The principles of insurance – subrogation
  11. Customer service
  12. Communication
  13. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  14. The Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation

CH2 – Claims handling

  1. Introduction to the insurance policy
  2. Policy conditions and warranties
  3. The perils
  4. Introduction to claims validation
  5. Claims handling – negotiation
  6. Mitigation: mitigation measures for household contents evaluating the benefit of repair or restoration Controlling mitigation spend
  7. Gradually operating cause
  8. Under-insurance: Penalties for under-insurance
  9. Repudiations
  10. Fraud, detection and prevention
  11. Financial crime

CH3 – Advanced claims handling (handling claims for specific losses)

  1. Damages and reserving of injury claims
  2. Civil procedure rules (as relevant to claims handlers)
  3. Claims handling – business interruption
  4. Alternative accommodation
  5. Catastrophe handling
  6. Basic building elements
  7. Construction (design and management) Regulations 2015
Course Schedule
July 31st
August 2nd, 7th, 9th, 21st, 28th, 30th
September 4th, 6th, 11th, 13th, 18th,

Lectures will be held on the following dates, between 5.30 – 7.00 pm

Course Duration and Delivery

The course consists of 18 contact hours, 12 sessions each of 1.5 hours duration (17:30-19:00 CET). A further 40 hours of self-study is required.

Entry Requirements

‘O’ Level standard of education (MQF Level 3)


To obtain the CILA certificate you must pass CH1, CH2 and CH3


Students taking the examination will make arrangements with the CILA directly, for the purchasing of material and application of examination. Further details may be sought from https://www.cila.co.uk/

Discount and Cancellation Policy
  • Companies effecting group bookings (four or more participants) are entitled to a 10% discount.
  • For group bookings kindly send an e-mail to info@mitcentre.com
  • A 25% cancellation fee is payable for cancellations received within 15 days of the start of the programme.
  • No refund will be entitled after the commencement date of the programme.


Gretel Busuttil, ACII, Adv Dip CILA, CCM

A career insurer, Gretel has worked in various functions of the industry and is also a Certified Continuity Manager by the National Institute of Business Continuity Management, specialising in continuous risk management aspects of business operations.

Prior to leaving for a nine-year stint in the Middle East, Gretel was a visiting lecturer at the Malta Insurance International Centre; lecturing retail and personal lines insurance classes in both their underwriting as well as the claims aspects. Gretel was later also commissioned by the MITC to carry out training courses and lectures in Eastern Europe. Upon her return to Malta, the MITC have re-commissioned Gretel to deliver courses again.

She has held supervisory positions as well as middle to senior management post for the greater part of her 30-year career in insurance spanning through various departments including, underwriting, claims and also run-off functions. In view of her qualification as well as work experience, Gretel has been assigned to various responsibilities during the nine years spent in the GCC between 2006 and 2015.

Relatively well-travelled in Europe and the Middle Ease, Grete has lived in the United Arab Emirates between 2006 and 2009 and in the State of Qatar between 209 and 2015; spending the last three years heading the retail operations at QIC LLC and later overseeing ex-Qatar operations within QIC International LLC.

Gretel’s last held position before moving back to Malta in April 2015, was that of Vice-President with QIC International LLC, the international division of QIC Group LLC.


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