What are your professional anti-money laundering obligations?

05 Mar 2021

The Malta International Training Centre has launched its March CPD programmes with anti-money laundering (AML) as its main focus.

With the financial services industry becoming more and more attractive to criminals, authorities have stepped up their monitoring and inspection processes. Both the FIAU and the MFSA scrutinise the robustness of the defence mechanisms practiced by industry market players to be able to identify those who are laundering targets and wishing to convert their illicit gains into legal financial instruments and titles.

How can MITC help you?

As a training centre, MITC is cognisant of this phenomenon and is committed to addressing the challenge through education and training. MITC is organising a series of AML talks that can assist practitioners and professionals to understand and control the corresponding risk, to identify and assess the potential fraudulent customer and to provide practical approaches in case of suspicious activities.

The scheduled CPD talks over the coming weeks are as follows:

12 March 2021: Money laundering procedures - how to act and deal with suspected cases           

24 March and 29 March 2021: Customer Due Diligence procedures

30 March 2021: The Three Lines of Defence - demystifying the jargon

7 April 2021: Overview and applicability of the Implementing Procedures Part 2: Company Service Providers (CSPs)