Discover which CPDs are available in the last quarter of 2020 and get certified

14 Sep 2020

As the eventful year 2020 enters its last quarter, some will discover that their training requirements fall short of the continuous professional development (CPD) obligations, per Chapter 7 of the Insurance Distribution Act (CAP. 487), or by their respective regulatory body or association. The CPD programme structure of MITC comprises a portfolio of topics to meet various training demands and is designed to ensure that each 2-hour session will focus on the requirements of the complying attendee.

Are the sessions only designed for the sake of complying with regulatory obligations?

Certainly not! CPD sessions designed by the MITC have been tailored in response to feedback received from market practitioners - asking for particular topics to complement their professional work. CPD webinars intend, above all, to provide attendees with updated and first-hand information on matters relevant to the business world.

What CPDs are available during Q4 2020?

After a short period of compliance courses during the summer months, the programmes running throughout October include an interesting line up of diverse topics.

CPD: Analytics and email marketing

During the first virtual session of the month, we’ll explore the importance of data analytics in business strategy as well as a learn the basics of the Google Analytics tool. Moreover, participants will hear about the benefits of email marketing and some best practices utilised in the business world.

CPD: Insurance technology

A presentation on insurance technology, relevant to all those working in the motor underwriting and claims departments, will be presented by a well-versed insurance practitioner. An update of the fast-changing tech developments will also be discussed and a review of the advances of Insurtech will be presented, demonstrating how these have an effect on the insurance industry.

CPD: Anti-money laundering

October provides more training on anti-money laundering (AML), which is a popular topic especially in the light of updated directives on the European front.


For those involved in taxation, there will be a session on DAC6, which sets out the transparency framework emergent from a directive requiring onerous reporting across the board.

CPD: Compliance

Due to popular demand, another compliance session will be hosted by a compliance officer who will detail, in a practical manner, daily requirements of a compliance officer at work.

CPD: Rights and obligations of the insurance consumer

Other topical discussions will focus on the rights and obligations of the insurance consumer, a highly relevant topic in the light of various legislation, which has put the customer as the focal point of every business venture in the insurance/financial world. This talk would not only be applicable to those who are dealing directly with clients on a daily basis, but also those in HR and Marketing who would need to understand tangible customer issues faced by business.

CPD: Professional Indemnity and Directors’ and Officers’ Liability insurance – cross border issues

With the advent of EU membership, Malta gained several business benefits, one of which is the right to passport services and products to EU member states without the need to seek authorisation. In practice, this could bring about some grey areas and insuring across borders with risks spread throughout in various countries, as in the case of professional and director’s liability, could present complicated scenarios. An experienced insurance professional will decipher the complexity and explain the legal and technical positions when such circumstances arise.

CPD: Lean Management

For managerial level, the “Lean Management” concept may be viewed as one, which stimulates a different outlook of leading and directing teams. This talk will be presented by an experienced engineer and targets all those involved in management including HR.

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