Pre-summer schedule of courses for May 2022

14 Apr 2022

As summer approaches, MITC has been busily preparing an extensive schedule for the month of May. In fact we have a total of 9 CPD sessions being offered during this month.

Our sessions

To start off, a new topic has been scheduled for 3rd May and this will cover “DAC 6, 7 and 8 obligations”. Tax practitioners, lawyers, accountants, auditors, corporate service providers, trustees, bankers, compliance managers and officers and MLROs are invited to attend, as the session will dwell on the contents and obligations underpinning DAC6, DAC7 and DAC8 within the context of the Malta tax system. 

Those responsible for AML, including but not exclusive to MLROs, are enticed to follow this 2-hour session focussing on documentation which is expected to be kept updated and revised periodically. The session specifically singles out 2 very important documents namely the Business risk assessment (BRA) and the Customer risk assessment (CRA) docs and the experienced speaker will take us through the importance, requirements and reviewing of such documents which are subject to regulatory inspection. There will be 2 sessions on AML which will be held on the 4th May and 26th May headed as “Building a BRA and CRA in practice” and “Managing your AML risk: risk modelling and business risk assessment” respectively.

We wish to encourage those working in the personal and commercial lines insurance departments to attend a session on “Rebuilding cost assessments: An architect’s perspective” which will be delivered by an experienced architect who purposely wishes to deliver this session to the industry as this is of benefit to insurers judging from the day-to-day cases he comes across as a professional. A number of insightful aspects and practices will be discussed and those working in insurance underwriting and claims should attend.

The war waged by Russia on Ukraine has been unprecedented and has surely affected all industries and economies. As a consequence, it was thought that a session on the matter would be apt to organise as this will highlight the impact on the accounting industry (among others). MITC has invited an expert who is actively involved in the application of local accounting-related laws and regulations. This is an extraordinary session and those occupying managerial and other strategic positions in the company should definitely not miss. More details can be accessed here.

On the   12th May, MITC is organising a seminar intended to trace the procedures of setting up and testing of a compliance plan in relation to compliance risks of a regulated entity. This is a practical session is intended to give a practical insight to how a compliance manual checklist should be organised and reviewed. The lecturer is a very hands-on practitioner who has extensive experience in compliance and by the end of the session, participants should be able to perform annual compliance plans.

More compliance sessions are lined up and, on the 18th, May a session on the process of setting up, reviewing and updating compliance manuals will be conducted and delivered by a speaker who is also very experienced in the field. The following day another speaker will cover the practical aspects of compliance and by the end of the session, the participants will be able to learn and understand what is required to develop a proper process around the development, implementation and maintenance of policies and procedures.

Last year MITC organised a technical session on how BREXIT impacted the insurance industry. The session was delivered by a representative from MFSA and this time we are organising the session again however from an insurance perspective, particularly focussing on how this event and other developments in the UK, have impacted the insurance industry, specifically, the motor insurance industry.

This is another technical insurance programme that is being organised to cater for the insurance industry and at the end of this seminar participants should be able to be more knowledgeable about changes in the UK insurance market following Brexit and any impact on the Maltese insurance market. The seminar is relevant to all those working in insurance irrespective of department or position held. More details can be accessed here.

Learning and development at MITC

MITC ensures that the training is diverse and far-reaching offering an opportunity to all those seeking to comply with the 12 hours of formal structured training. In this respect, we encourage you to spread your training obligation throughout the year. We suggest you visit our site at to check out what is relevant to your needs.

The CPD sessions planned by the MITC have been tailored in response to feedback received by the market asking for particular topics to complement their professional work. The CPD talks intend, above all, to provide the attendees updated and first-hand information on matters relevant to the business world.

To give us feedback or for tailor made sessions contact us here.