New CPD sessions for April 2022

21 Mar 2022

MITC is pleased to announce the introduction of new financial seminars in its April schedule for CPD purposes.

April kicks off with a session on insolvency and bankruptcy. This new topic will be invaluable for those working in the financial services, especially those in the legal, financial and technical areas that deal with company matters particularly those involved in the administrative and financial procedures of company bankruptcy and insolvency. The session will examine the concept of insolvency, the aims of insolvency law, the law and practice of insolvency and the main principles of insolvency law, both personal and corporate.

Another new topic on DAC 6, 7 and 8 obligations will be held on the 7th April. Tax practitioners, lawyers, accountants, corporate service providers, trustees, bankers, compliance managers and officers and MLROs are invited to attend this session as we discuss the contents and obligations underpinning DAC6, DAC7 and DAC8 within the context of the Malta tax system.

Given the importance of GDPR in the financial services industry, the MITC will hold a session on GDPR delivered by an experienced practitioner in the field. The session will provide a thorough understanding of the principles of GDPR and how these are applied in practice. Furthermore, the presentation will analyse the rights that are derived from the regulation.

For those involved in the compliance environment, we are organising a session specifically to address inspection. The online session is designed to facilitate the preparatory work involved prior and during an onsite inspection carried out by the MFSA. This CPD session will be delivered by a seasoned qualified practitioner who is directly involved in the inspection process of various entities and thus is able to give first-hand information of the duties and obligations in this regard.

More details can be accessed here.

On the AML front, those working in the gaming environment should attend a session scheduled for the 20th April during which the speaker will deliver a session on the regulatory obligations after taking into consideration the PMLFTR, Implementing Procedures (Part 1) and igaming sector specific implementing procedures (Part 2). The presentation will focus on the practicality of such regulations for subject persons within the B2C igaming industry and will cover the basics of ML/FT, due diligence obligations, timing of due diligence within an igaming context.

Learning and development at MITC

MITC ensures that the training is diverse and far-reaching offering an opportunity to all those seeking to comply with the 12 hours of formal structured training. In this respect, we encourage to spread your training obligation throughout the year. We suggest you visit our site to check out what is relevant for your needs.

The CPD sessions planned by the MITC have been tailored in response to feedback received by the market asking for particular topics to complement their professional work. The CPD talks intend, above all, to provide the attendees updated and first-hand information on matters relevant to the business world.

To give us feedback or for tailor made sessions contact us here.