May 2021 training events for CPD purposes

28 Apr 2021

As online CPD sessions become the norm at MITC, webinars are being organised with increased frequency and efficiency, stemming from the build up of activity in particular areas, namely compliance and AML/CFT, that have become an integral part of today’s business processes.

It is no coincidence that MITC will be designing programmes attracting practitioners involved in the regulatory aspects of business, and will be delivering sessions on the IDD, GDPR and AML (we are confident that the modern practitioner understands the abbreviations!).

Our live CPD sessions

MITC ensures that training is diverse and far-reaching, offering an opportunity to all those seeking to comply with the required 12 hours of formal training. In this respect, we encourage you to spread your training obligations throughout the year. If you have not yet starting accumulating CPD hours, we suggest you have a look at our schedule to see out what is available and relevant for your needs.

CPD sessions planned by MITC, have been tailored in response to feedback received by the market, asking for particular topics to complement their professional work. All sessions intend, above all, to provide the attendees updated and first-hand information on matters relevant to the business world.

Specifically, we have sessions planned on how to manage AML risk and the various obligations under the insurance distribution directives and risk management among others.

Any feedback regarding training sessions you wish MITC to organise is always welcome. Contact us today!