New online CPD courses and webinars in response to COVID-19 measures

25 May 2020

New online platform

The Malta International Training Centre (MITC) recently launched an online platform in order to meet the requirements of its continuous professional development (CPD) curriculum. The platform features webinar-based courses and seminars and provides technical content through interactive, practical and value based learning.

Malta International Training Centre

Officially recognised by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education and licenced under the Education Act 1988, MITC’s homegrown insurance programmes are recognised by the renowned Chartered Insurance Institute, UK.

Founded in 1981, MITC has acquired international repute in a variety of training fields particularly in Insurance, Risk Management, Financial Services, Investments, Compliance and Regulation. MITC has played an active role in assessing training needs in the industry and in addressing these demands through standard and customised programmes.


MITC offers its services to a range of participants including those interested in pursuing a career in insurance and financial services, those requiring an operating licence or those interested in studying for professional qualifications. The courses and seminars are also available to those who would like to keep abreast with the increasing availability of knowledge as well as others who wish to comply with their CPD requirements.

MITC and Deloitte

In 2019, MITC was acquired by Deloitte, becoming part of the firm's Human Capital Management service offering within Consulting.

Adrian Mamo, Human Capital Senior Manager with Deloitte said; "We need to be able to continue to offer opportunities for professionals to meet their CPD requirements even in such challenging times. A remote learning platform is an ideal solution towards meeting the increased demand we have seen over the last few weeks, as society aims its focus back towards the new normal".

With almost 40 years’ experience, MITC is geared to meet the demands of the modern participant, offering a professional training environment and a selection of the best speakers in the industry.

MITC CPD courses and seminars are now available to book online through their revamped website at