Key CPDs at MITC during December

17 Nov 2020

MITC offers an extensive range of flexible, accessible and affordable CPDs across a broad range of topics. Each of our online and instructor-led sessions enable candidates to boost their CVs and CPD profiles from any location.

Coming up in December 2020, key CPDs of interest are outlined below:

CPD: How to resolve insurance consumer complaints

You cannot please all the customers all the time!

Complaints are inevitable. However, they present an opportunity for a company to demonstrate its customer care, ethical behaviour and professionalism. A business’s success is not measured by how many complaints it receives but by the number of satisfied complainants.

MITC recognises this aspect of business and provides a wholly dedicated webinar that caters for those organisations who front customers both during sales or claims.

The webinar will showcase tactics and mechanisms to achieve customer satisfaction and will provide an insight to the rights and channels of disputes. The session will be delivered by an experienced practitioner with knowledge of consumer affairs.

CPD: The AML directives and life assurance business

Want to turn your illicit funds into legitimate ones – take out a life policy!

Having illicit money is a problem in itself. Criminals in possession of illegal assets may turn to the financial services market to try and convert their illicit assets into legally recognised instruments. The life assurance industry offers a viable opportunity for such launderers to reach this goal and it is therefore vital that practitioners engaged in this area are aware of potential money laundering activities and potential malicious intentions.

This seminar will educate the participant on the subject and will offer knowledge on how to detect, deal and report such circumstances.

Those involved in life business (and also those who wish to learn about AML) should attend this seminar as it provides ample awareness and education. The session is also critical to MLROs and those directly or indirectly involved in the life assurance business.

CPD: Motor insurance: InsurTech - quo vadis?

Do you know what telematics means? What is all this fuss about artificial intelligence? Have you heard of IoT (Internet of Things)?

If you wish to learn more about the above, this seminar is a must! This webinar is delivered by a local motor insurance expert who is au courant with current developments and has been involved in new projects and developments leading to advances in insurance technology, better known as InsurTech.

This seminar is suitable for all those working directly or indirectly in the motor insurance industry as the seminar addresses advances and developments in the industry, which have a huge effect on the way motor insurance business is being dealt with today and in the future.

CPD: Developing a coaching culture

If you want something done do it yourself? No, this can’t be right!

Why does a company employ several employees and invests in several resources, only to find that managers reluctant to coach their employees?

This webinar has purposely been designed to provide the necessary tools and models that can be utilised by coaches in the business world. The session will demonstrate, to participants, effective methods of coaching and how to apply them within the workplace.

This CPD is suitable for all those in a leadership role, human resource personnel, managers, technical practitioners responsible for a team and professional personnel who wish to understand how they should coach their employees, teams and staff members effectively.


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