Discover our June 2021 CPD line-up

28 May 2021

Under Chapter 6 of the MFSA’s insurance distribution rules, one finds the obligations expected of a relevant person/employee vis-à-vis continuous professional development. In particular, section 6.7.2 states that a relevant person and a relevant employee shall demonstrate compliance with the knowledge and ability criteria detailing the topics eligible for CPD purposes.

Which topics are eligible for CPD?

The following topics have been earmarked by the authority:

(a) Legal Aspects; (b) The Insurance Sector: market, market participants, and products; (c) Ethics and Professional Conduct; (d) Assessment of client needs; (e) Information disclosure; (f) Financial competency.

MITC ensures that its training satisfies these topics and offers an array of talks to a diverse audience who is engaged in different roles and operations within the insurance industry and beyond.

Our sessions during June

One of the criteria that has, to date, remained unexplored is financial competency. Thus, the MITC felt the need to provide an informative session on this topic in June. This two-hour webinar is useful for all employees irrespective of whether they work in a finance related environment as the talk does not require prior knowledge of insurance finance.

On the technical front, MITC is teaming up with an architect’s office to hold a novel talk on property valuations and construction related activities, intended to provide expert knowledge to the insurance underwriter involved in the assessment and undertaking of material damage risks. Two professional architects will be engaged to share their expertise during two 2-hour sessions.

More compliance and AML/CFT sessions have been lined up as these are core activities in today’s business world and MITC will hold sessions specifically on the FIAU implementing procedures, compliance manuals, and a new session on AML blockchain.

Finally, those wishing to delve into the understanding of digital marketing may enjoy a session by Stacey Bevan who will be sharing her expertise in this area.

We encourage you to spread your training obligations throughout the year. For more information about sessions related to your specific area, you may visit

Your feedback is always welcome – do not hesitate to reach out should you wish MITC to organise training sessions on particular topics which are not being offered.