Certificate in Insurance (CII)

15 Dec 2020

Do you want to build knowledge and develop core competence in insurance?

There are three distinct levels of qualifications in insurance: certificate, diploma and advanced diploma. The reputable international insurance institute, better known as the CII (Chartered Insurance Institute) is the leader in insurance knowledge and training resources. The CII offers a multitude of training packages and qualifications, and certifies successful candidates who complete their courses. The Malta International Training Centre (MITC) supports the achievement of such qualifications by preparing students for the respective examinations leading to CII qualifications.

Steps to certification

As a first step, interested candidates are advised to commence their studies by opting for the CII Certificate in Insurance, which consists of three modules, each amassing 15 credits. The qualification requires the attainment of 40 CII credits and therefore successful passes from three IFC modules (the modules of the Certificate in Insurance being coded as IFC). Candidates are assessed by multiple choice questions and, once a pass mark is achieved, can use the designatory letters CERTCII following their name as recognition of achievement of the Certificate in Insurance qualification.


The attainment of 45 credits by virtue of credits from three IFC modules (one of the modules, IF1 is compulsory) can lead to further higher qualifications since the credits count towards the diploma qualification and the advanced qualification, the latter widely known as the ACII.

The Certificate in Insurance, being a level 3 qualification-equivalent on the EQF framework, is usually a prerequisite by employers on entry into the insurance industry, with preference given to those having an insurance qualification. Apart from the career prospects that certification in insurance carries, the Certificate in Insurance qualification is a basic and broad curriculum which is therefore also suitable for those who are new to the sector or those who wish to formally learn about insurance. It is also suitable for those who, although experienced, wish to have a recognised qualification.

The MITC has, through the years, organised Certificate in Insurance classes and has trained a large number of local and foreign students who have progressed to obtain this first level qualification. The experience and the expertise MITC holds will ensure that those following the programme are adequately trained and prepared to take on the studies leading to the qualification.