August 2021 training events for CPD purposes

28 Jul 2021

As the financial services sector faces challenges and developments, MITC adapts its training calendar in line with the trends in the insurance market and beyond.

Our training is delivered by experienced practitioners who are hands-on and practical in their deliveries while adhering to what is most relevant to attendees. This is the case for a cohort of seminars being organised in the month of August.

Our topics for August

MITC will be organising a session on the AML statutory document known as BRA (Business risk assessment) which is an important record that an organisation is obliged to raise and maintain. Any FIAU inspection will invariably check the adequacy of this document and the session is intended to assist those in the AML department including the MLRO to be able to keep this BRA up to date and present it to the Board as and when required.

A professional from MFSA has been asked to deliver a session on the position of passporting rights now that the UK is officially out of the EU. The lecturer will be providing an outlook of how Brexit affected the previously enjoyed rights by EU member states and how such cross-border risks will be looked at by the regulator for insurance/broking purposes.

COVID19 offered an opportunity for companies to set in motion their Business Continuity Plans (BCP). Indeed, if there was a time to test one’s BCP, it was during 2020 and the current year. It is therefore opportune to have a session covering this area especially for those who wish to build their own BCP or update their existing plans.

All seminars will be online and may be followed from the comfort of your home as all sessions will commence at 5pm.

What we offer

MITC ensures that the training is diverse and far-reaching, offering immense opportunity to all those seeking to comply with the 12 hours of formal training. In this respect, we encourage you to spread your training obligation through the year. You may also visit our site to check out what sessions are relevant to your industry.

The CPD sessions planned by the MITC, have been tailored in response to feedback received by the market asking for particular topics to complement their professional work. The CPD talks provide attendees with updated and first-hand information on matters relevant to the business world.

Please do not hesitate to send us feedback! Any requests for particular training sessions you wish to be organised by MITC can be sent on