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The Malta International Training Centre (MITC)

The Malta International Training Centre (MITC) is dedicated to the provision of continuous education and training to the professional services industry.


Founded in 1981, the Malta International Training Centre has acquired international repute in a variety of training fields particularly in Insurance (such as Tied Insurance Intermediaries certificate and the Personal Insurance Programme), Money Laundering, Risk Management, Financial Services, Investments, Compliance and Regulation.

MITC has played an active role in assessing training needs in the industry and in addressing these demands through standard and customised programmes.

With almost 40 years’ experience, MITC is geared to meet the demands of the modern participant, offering a professional training environment and a selection of the best speakers in the industry.

Mission & Vision

The Mission and Vision of the training centre can be summed up into three key statements:

- To provide an International Centre for Education and Training that caters for professional requirements.

- To assist participants studying for Insurance, Risk Management and Financial Services qualifications and other related studies.

- To further increase the professional status of practitioners both in the indigenous and international markets.


MITC is licenced under the Education Act 1988 and enjoys level rating recognition from the Malta Qualifications Council and thus its home grown products are now equivalent to specific levels on the Malta Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework platforms. MITC’s homegrown insurance programmes are recognised by the renowned Chartered Insurance Institute, UK.

Malta International Training Centre Limited (C5663) is an EMCS Advisory Ltd affiliated entity. For more information, please click here